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Last Updated: 06/08/2019
Upon using our website and/or our web services, you agree to the following copyright terms:
Except where stated, the information on the Huski Website Services website is copyrighted. You may not freely reproduce for business-use any content on the Huski Website Services website without express formal permission from the business owner of Huski Website Services. Such content includes text, images, logos, trademarks and other digital content on the Huski Website Services website.
The contents of this website can be viewed for your freedom and so you may freely access and download the contents onto your computer for the purposes of viewing, reading, retrievable and dissemination.

Also, the following acts are permitted in respect of any of the content featured on this website:

However, the following acts are prohibited in respect of any of the content featured on this website:

Huski Website Services does not intentionally, in any form, knowingly violate the copyright or trademark of other websites, companies’ products or services. If you believe a violation of your copyright or trademark has occurred, please email us to arrange a speedy correction. Please mention:

  1. Your name and contact details.
  2. Specific details of the issue including the page URL

Content Ownership and Rights

If you allow Huski Website Services to act on your behalf and purchase a domain name for your individual or business needs, the aforementioned domain name will remain under the management and ownership of Huski Website Services. Provided, that you pay Huski Website Services the right to use the domain name.
If, at any time you wish to own the domain name under you or your business name, get in contact with us and request for a Transfer of Domain Name Ownership and we would be happy to transfer the specified domain name to you.
Please note: That you, as the client will need to be responsible for the domain name and ensure that it is paid for each year. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your domain name and potentially your website.

Any content provided to Huski Website Services by our client remains under the legal responsibility of the aforementioned client who provided this content. You must ensure that any content provided to us is non-copyrighted and/or that we have the express permission from the original owner of the content to use it for the provided website design service. We, at Huski Website Services do NOT perform background checks on any content provided to us.
Should any content on a website designed by Huski Website Services violate copyright regulations, please contact us and provide:

Any website designed by Huski Website Services for an individual or business remains under the ownership of Huski Website Services UNTIL the final payment of the quoted service has been paid in full. When the transaction has been processed and completed, then ALL website content produced by Huski Website Services will then be owned by the individual or organisation that enquired for the website. The aforementioned individual or organisation will have full rights to the website content and will own the copyright.
In the case that we, Huski Website Services procured content online such as text or images for a website designed by us, on behalf of our client, which has been claimed under copyright infringement. We hereby take full responsibility for such a claim and will resolve the situation promptly when it is brought to our attention.

Credits and Trademarks used on the Huski Website Services website

  1. Let's Encrypt is a trademark of the Internet Security Research Group. All rights reserved.
  2. Adamas - The Jeweler eCommerce WordPress Theme remains under the ownership and copyright of PremiumCoding. All rights reserved.

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